I have been lucky enough to work full time for five internationally renowned research groups in the field of experimental quantum physics:

Becoming a scientist is a long journey, and at every step, I found projects that were exciting, motivating me to continue. My path was not straightforward – when I began studying physics in college, I had no idea I would end up studying asteroids; in fact, I never took an astronomy class.
— Carrie Nugent

Exotic Quantum Devices Lab @Warwick:
2018 – Present: Assistant Professor
I am a faculty member in the physics department at the University of Warwick, in the middle of the United Kingdom. I am starting a group known as the Exotic Quantum Devices Laboratory where we will be playing with two-dimensional semiconductor materials for applications in quantum optics and quantum electronics. If you want to find out more (or even join us!) please visit our page here.

Back to Quantum optics @NBI:
2016 – 2018: Assistant Professor
In the Australian* summer of 2016 I travelled back to Europe to join the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen, the birth place of modern quantum mechanics. Here I was working on developing novel multi-photon sources using solid-state emitters. You can read more about the group I work in here.

Quantum electronics @UNSW:
2014 – 2016: Postdoctoral Research Fellow
In 2014 I left photonics in a bid to ‘broaden my horizons’ and joined the group of Prof. Michelle Simmons at the University of New South Wales. Here I worked on controlling the states of single donor atoms in a silicon. My main research result in this field is the controlled coupling of two electrons confined to phosphorus atoms in silicon. 

Quantum optics @Oxford:
2011: Visiting Researcher
In 2011 I was a visiting researcher at University of Oxford in the Ultrafast Quantum Optics group of Prof. Ian Walmsley. I remember a warm summer, in an exciting research group, at a great university, in a wonderful city. My work there resulted in this paper on multi-photon interference, a prerequisite to the work we carried out on BosonSampling later that year. 

Quantum optics @UQ:
2012 – 2014: Postdoctoral Research Fellow
2008 – 2012: PhD Student
I entered the academic world through the quantum technology lab at The University of Queensland under the supervision of Prof. Andrew White. In this field I am best known for my work on quantum walks and multi-photon quantum interference. My research highlights include:

    – First demonstration of a photonic quantum walk in space
    – Multi-photon quantum walks in 2-dimensional waveguide arrays
    – Observation of topological states in quantum walks
    – First demonstration of BosonSampling