“The only stability is instability” — James Bennett

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Take a break… relax… slackline

Slacklining involves walking along a tightened special high tensile cord, or sometimes rope, suspended between two anchor points, usually trees. It takes a long time to get used to standing and balancing on the slackline, but like riding a bike, once you can do it, you never forget how!

Slacklining is a great way to increase balance (obviously), but it is also a great core muscle exercise. As well as the physical part of slacklining, many people, including myself, enjoy it because of the inner tranquility that often comes part of the package when trying to balance  on something that feels everything you do.

Unlike tightrope walking, slacklining requires a more dynamic approach to balancing, akin to skateboarding or surfing perhaps. In fact, I have found that slacklining increases aptitude in both these sports.


I am not an “accomplished” slackliner, for those go here, but I can do it and even perform various tricks, jumping, walking backwards, making strange balancing shapes. As a beginner however, I found the following to be quite useful 

  1. Focus on a physical spot/object in front of you, perhaps a mark on the tree
  2. Try to keep just one foot on the line when standing still. This gives you an extra degree of balance
  3. Bend your knees to absorb the recoil from the line
  4. Try (and I know this one is difficult) to loosen up your body, don’t be stiff, relax remember

Have fun!