arXiv:1707.04425 [pdfother]

Modulator-free coherent-one-way quantum key distribution

George L. RobertsMarco LucamariniJames F. DynesSeb J. SavoryZhiliang YuanAndrew J. Shields


arXiv:1707.04344 [pdfother]

Probing many-body dynamics on a 51-atom quantum simulator

Hannes BernienSylvain SchwartzAlexander KeeslingHarry LevineAhmed OmranHannes PichlerSoonwon ChoiAlexander S. ZibrovManuel EndresMarkus GreinerVladan VuletićMikhail D. Lukin


arXiv:1707.05282 [pdfother]

Quasi-device-independent witnessing of genuine multilevel quantum coherence

Martin RingbauerThomas R. BromleyMarco CianciarusoSarah LauGerardo AdessoAndrew G. WhiteAlessandro FedrizziMarco Piani


arXiv:1707.05760 [pdfother]

Generation of the Complete Four-dimensional Bell Basis

Feiran WangManuel ErhardAmin BabazadehMehul MalikMario KrennAnton Zeilinger


arXiv:1707.05545 [pdfother]

Quantum coherences of indistinguishable particles

Jan SperlingArmando Perez-LeijaKurt BuschIan A. Walmsley


arXiv:1707.06050 [pdfother]

A Spin Entanglement Witness for Quantum Gravity

Sougato BoseAnupam MazumdarGavin W. MorleyHendrik UlbrichtMarko TorošMauro PaternostroAndrew GeraciPeter BarkerM. S. KimGerard Milburn


arXiv:1707.06036 [pdfother]

An entanglement-based test of quantum gravity using two massive particles

Chiara MarlettoVlatko Vedral


arXiv:1707.06522 [pdfother]

Electro-optic routing of photons from single quantum dots in photonic integrated circuits

Leonardo MidoloSofie L. HansenWeili ZhangCamille PaponRüdiger SchottArne LudwigAndreas D. WieckPeter LodahlSøren Stobbe




arXiv:1707.04901 [pdf]

A Monolithic Topologically Protected Phononic Circuit

Si-Yuan YuCheng HeZhen WangFu-Kang LiuXiao-Chen SunZheng LiMing-Hui LuXiao-Ping LiuYan-Feng Chen


arXiv:1707.05503 [pdfother]

Spin and optical properties of silicon vacancies in silicon carbide (a review)

S.A. TarasenkoA.V. PoshakinskiyD. SiminV.A. SoltamovE.N. MokhovP.G. BaranovV. DyakonovG.V. Astakhov


arXiv:1707.05435 [pdfother]

Room-temperature single photon emission from micron-long air-suspended carbon nanotubes

IshiiT. UdaY. K. Kato


arXiv:1707.06041 [pdfother]

Exploiting one-dimensional exciton-phonon coupling for tunable and efficient single-photon generation with a carbon nanotube

Adrien JeantetYannick ChassagneuxThéo ClaudePhilippe RoussignolJean-Sébastien LauretJakob ReichelChristophe Voisin


arXiv:1707.06190 (cross-list from physics.app-ph) [pdf]

Engineering of selective carrier injection in patterned arrays of single-quantum-dot entangled photon light-emitting diodes

T-H. ChungG. JuskaS. T. MoroniA. PescagliniA. GocalinskaE. Pelucchi