arXiv:1706.07755 [pdfother]

Experimental characterization of quantum polarization of three-photon states

Yosep KimGunnar BjörkYoon-Ho Kim


arXiv:1706.07521 [pdfother]

Influence of electron-phonon scattering for an on-demand quantum dot single-photon source using cavity-assisted adiabatic passage

Chris GustinStephen Hughes


arXiv:1706.07566 (cross-list from physics.atom-ph) [pdfother]

Near-unity collection efficiency from quantum emitters in bulk diamond using chirped circular dielectric gratings

Jiabao ZhengAndreas C. LiapisEdward H. ChenCharles T. BlackDirk Englund


arXiv:1706.08242 [pdfpsother]

Quantum State Transfer from a Single Photon to a Distant Quantum-Dot Electron Spin

Yu HeYu-Ming HeYu-Jia WeiXiao JiangKai ChenChao-Yang LuJian-Wei PanChristian SchneiderMartin KampSven Hoefling


arXiv:1706.08080 [pdfother]

Efficient universal quantum channel simulation in IBM’s cloud quantum computer

Shi-Jie WeiTao XinGui-Lu Long


arXiv:1706.08918 [pdfother]

Determining the Quantum Expectation Value by Measuring a Single Photon

PiacentiniA. AvellaE. RebufelloR. LussanaF. VillaA. TosiM. GramegnaG. BridaE. CohenL. VaidmanI. P. DegiovanniM. Genovese


arXiv:1706.08898 [pdf]

Dynamics of single-photon emission from electrically pumped color centers

Igor A. KhramtsovMario AgioDmitry Yu. Fedyanin


arXiv:1706.09720 [pdfother]

Interfacing a quantum dot with a spontaneous parametric down-conversion source

Tobias HuberMaximilian PrilmüllerMichael SehnerGlenn S. SolomonAna PredojevićGregor Weihs


arXiv:1706.09660 [pdfpsother]

Deterministic nonlinear phase gates induced by a single qubit

Kimin ParkPetr MarekRadim Filip




arXiv:1706.07609 (cross-list from cond-mat.mes-hall) [pdfother]

Nearly Blinking-Free, High-Purity Single-Photon Emission by Colloidal InP/ZnSe Quantum Dots

Vigneshwaran ChandrasekaranMickaël D. TessierDorian DupontPieter GeiregatZeger HensEdouard Brainis


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Improving a solid-state qubit through an engineered mesoscopic environment

Éthier-MajcherD. GangloffR. StockillE. ClarkeM. HuguesC. Le GallM. Atatüre


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Robust electric dipole transition at microwave frequencies for nuclear spin qubits in silicon

Guilherme TosiFahd A. MohiyaddinStefanie TenbergArne LauchtAndrea Morello


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Experimental protection of the coherence of a molecular qubit exceeding a millisecond

Yingqiu DaiZhifu ShiYue FuXi QinShiwei MuYang WuJi-Hu SuLei QinYuan-Qi ZhaiYi-Fei DengXing RongJiangfeng Du


arXiv:1706.09793 [pdf]

New Scanning Diamond NV Center Probes Compatible with Conventional AFM Technology

Tony X. ZhouRainer J. StöhrAmir Yacoby