arXiv:1705.07016 [pdf, other]

Analytic Few Photon Scattering in Waveguide QED for Entanglement Generation

David L. HurstPieter Kok


arXiv:1705.06810 (cross-list from cond-mat.mes-hall) [pdf]

Nanodiamonds with photostable, sub-gigahertz linewidths quantum emitters

Toan Trong TranMehran KianiniaKerem BraySejeong KimZai-Quan XuAngus GentleBernd SontheimerCarlo BradacIgor Aharanovich


arXiv:1705.06768 (cross-list from physics.soc-ph) [pdf, ps, other]

The careless use of language in quantum information



arXiv:1705.08887 [pdf]

High Resolution Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Using Solid-State Spins

Dominik B. BucherDavid R. GlennJunghyun LeeMikhail D. LukinHongkun ParkRonald L. Walsworth


arXiv:1705.08852 [pdf, ps, other]

Fast holonomic quantum computation on solid-state spins with all-optical control

Jian ZhouBao-Jie LiuZhuo-Ping HongZheng-Yuan Xue


arXiv:1705.09259 [pdf, other]

Experimental demonstration of fault-tolerant state preparation with superconducting qubits

Maika TakitaAndrew W. CrossA. D. CórcolesJerry M. ChowJay M. Gambetta


arXiv:1705.09213 [pdf, other]

Graphical Methods in Device-Independent Quantum Cryptography

Spencer BreinerCarl A. MillerNeil J. Ross


arXiv:1705.09211 [pdf, other]

Benchmarking integrated photonic architectures

Fulvio FlaminiNicolò SpagnoloNiko ViggianielloAndrea CrespiRoberto OsellameFabio Sciarrino


arXiv:1705.09174 [pdf, other]

Quantum Thermodynamics Beyond the Rotating Wave Approximation

James S. BennettLars S. MadsenHalina Rubinsztein-DunlopWarwick P. Bowen


arXiv:1705.08957 [pdf, other]

Error detection is already helpful on the IBM 5Q chip

Christophe Vuillot




arXiv:1705.06921 (cross-list from physics.optics) [pdf, other]

Optical isolation with nonlinear topological photonics

Xin ZhouYou WangDaniel LeykamY. D. Chong


arXiv:1705.06913 [pdf, ps, other]

A detailed proof of bulk-boundary correspondence in the generalized Su-Schrieffer-Heeger model

Bo-Hung ChenDah-Wei Chiou


arXiv:1705.07595 [pdf]

Magnetic field-induced enhancement of the nitrogen-vacancy fluorescence quantum yield

Capelli,P. Reineck,D. W. M. LauA. OrthJ. JeskeM. W. DohertyT. OhshimaA. D. GreentreeB. C. Gibson


arXiv:1705.07245 [pdf]

Atomically thin mirrors made of monolayer semiconductors

Giovanni ScuriYou ZhouAlexander A. HighDominik S. WildChi ShuKristiaan De GreveLuis A. JaureguiTakashi TaniguchiKenji WatanabePhilip KimMikhail D. LukinHongkun Park


arXiv:1705.08448 [pdf, ps, other]

Atomic Force Nanoscope

Alessandro SiriaAntoine Niguès


arXiv:1705.08645 (cross-list from quant-ph) [pdf, ps, other]

Phononic Josephson oscillation and self-trapping with two-phonon exchange interaction

Xun-Wei XuAi-Xi ChenYu-xi Liu