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Proposal to use Humans to switch settings in a Bell experiment

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Degree of Quantumness in Quantum Synchronization

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Device Independent Quantum Private Query with Finite Number of Entangled Qubits

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Boson sampling with Gaussian measurements

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General scheme for preparation of different topological states on the cluster states

Mohammad Hossein Zarei


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Microwave-to-optical frequency conversion using a cesium atom coupled to a superconducting resonator

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Single-photon quantum contextuality on a chip

Andrea CrespiMarco BentivegnaIoannis PitsiosDavide RuscaDavide PoderiniGonzalo CarvachoVincenzo D’AmbrosioAdán CabelloFabio SciarrinoRoberto Osellame


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Exact Boson Sampling using Gaussian continuous variable measurements

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A fiber coupled cavity QED source of identical single photons

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Controlling Coherent Quantum Dot Interactions

Eric. W. MartinSteven T. Cundiff


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Graphene channels interfaced with an array of individual quantum dots

Xin MiaoHaim Grebel