arXiv:1704.07292 [pdf, other]

Percolation based architecture for cluster state quantum computation using photon-mediated entanglement between atomic memories

Mihir PantHyeongrak ChoiSaikat GuhaDirk Englund


arXiv:1704.07036 [pdf, other]

Beating the Classical Limits of Information Transmission using a Quantum Decoder

Robert J. ChapmanAkib KarimSteven T. FlammiaMarco TomamichelAlberto Peruzzo


arXiv:1704.07765 [pdf, ps, other]

Quantum-dot based telecom-wavelength quantum relay

Huwer,M. Felle,R. M. StevensonJ. Skiba-SzymanskaM. B. WardI. FarrerR. V. PentyD. A. RitchieA. J. Shields


arXiv:1704.08576 [pdf, other]

Numerical modelling of the coupling effciency of single quantum emitters in photonic-crystal waveguides

Alisa JavadiSahand MahmoodianImmo SöllnerPeter Lodahl


arXiv:1704.08482 [pdf, other]

On the implausibility of classical client blind quantum computing

Scott AaronsonAlexandru CojocaruAlexandru GheorghiuElham Kashefi




arXiv:1704.07361 [pdf, other]

Strongly directional scattering from dielectric nanowires

Peter R. WiechaAurélien CucheArnaud ArbouetChristian GirardGérard Colas des FrancsAurélie LecestreGuilhem LarrieuFrank FournelVincent LarreyThierry BaronVincent Paillard


arXiv:1704.07310 [pdf, other]

Lasing in topological edge states of a 1D lattice

St-Jean,V. Goblot,E. GalopinA. LemaîtreT. OzawaL. Le GratietI.SagnesJ. BlochA. Amo


arXiv:1704.07289 [pdf, other]

Ab initio theory of N2V defect as quantum memory in diamond

Péter UdvarhelyiGergő ThieringElisa LonderoAdam Gali


arXiv:1704.07277 [pdf, ps, other]

Spin dynamics and magnetic-field-induced polarization of excitons in ultrathin GaAs/AlAs quantum wells with indirect band gap and type-II band alignment

T.S. ShamirzaevJ. RautertD.R. YakovlevJ. DebusA.Yu. GornovM.M. GlazovE.L. IvchenkoM. Bayer


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Fine structure of excitons in InAs quantum dots on GaAs(110) planar layers and nanowire facets

Pierre CorfdirRyan B. LewisLutz GeelhaarOliver Brandt


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Modelling the electronic properties of GaAs polytype nanostructures: impact of strain on the conduction band character

Oliver MarquardtManfred RamsteinerPierre CorfdirLutz GeelhaarOliver Brandt