arXiv:1704.00638 [pdf, other]

Spin-mechanics with color centers in hexagonal boron nitride membranes

Mehdi AbdiMyung-Joong HwangMortaza AghtarMartin B. Plenio


arXiv:1704.00013 [pdf, other]

A room-temperature noise-free quantum memory for broadband light

T. Kaczmarek,P. M. Ledingham,B. BrechtS. E. ThomasG. S. ThekkadathO. Lazo-ArjonaJ. H. D. MunnsE. PoemA. FeizpourD. J. SaundersJ. NunnI. A. Walmsley


arXiv:1704.00879 [pdf, other]

Quantum-memory-assisted multi-photon generation for efficient quantum information processing

Fumihiro KanedaJoseph ChapmanFeihu XuPaul G. Kwiat


arXiv:1704.01033 (cross-list from cond-mat.mes-hall) [pdf, other]

Deterministic entanglement between a propagating photon and a singlet–triplet qubit in an optically active quantum dot molecule

Yves L. DelleyMartin KronerStefan FältWerner WegscheiderAtaç İmamoğlu


arXiv:1704.01813 [pdf, ps, other]

3D-printed components for quantum devices

Saint,W. Evans,Y. ZhouT. M. FromholdE. SalehI. MaskeryC. TuckR. WildmanF. OručevićP. Krüger


arXiv:1704.01911 [pdf, other]

Extending Wheeler’s delayed-choice experiment to Space

Francesco VedovatoCostantino AgnesiMatteo SchiavonDaniele DequalLuca CalderaroMarco TomasinDavide Giacomo MarangonAndrea Stanco,Vincenza LuceriGiuseppe BiancoGiuseppe VallonePaolo Villoresi


arXiv:1704.01945 [pdf, other]

Implementing random unitaries in an imperfect photonic network

Roel BurgwalWilliam R. ClementsDevin H. SmithJames C. GatesW. Steven KolthammerJelmer J. RenemaIan A. Walmsley




arXiv:1704.01569 [pdf, other]

The effect of the three-dimensional strain variation on the emission properties of light-emitting diodes based on (In,Ga)N/GaN nanowires

Musolino,F. Sacconi,A. TahraouiF. PanettaC. De SantiM. MeneghiniE. ZanoniL. Geelhaar


arXiv:1704.01551 [pdf]

Optical emission of graphene and electron-hole pair production induced by a strong THz field

I.V. OladyshkinS.B. BodrovYu.A. SergeevA.I.KorytinM.D TokmanA.N. Stepanov


arXiv:1704.01824 [pdf, ps, other]

Fast magnetic field manipulations and nonadiabatic geometric phases of nitrogen-vacancy center spin in diamond

Wen-Qi FangBang-Gui Liu